Filip Dousek

  San Francisco, California


10 Stories by Filip Dousek

Terabytes of Truth

With a growing volume of channels, content producers and social bubbles, it’s increasingly difficult to discern what’s true from what’s ‘fake’. The behemoths of...
4 min read

Joining Alchemist Accelerator

Our startup adventure continues. I’m stoked to say that we were picked by the Alchemist Accelerator – the #1 enterprise/B2B accelerator based in Silicon...
31 sec read

If you aren’t into data yet, don’t worry! It’s too late.

Munich is a mighty city. Home to not only the Oktoberfest, but also some of the largest German industrial companies, automotive giants and a...
3 min read

How Can Retailers Fight Back Against Data-Native Companies?

(This is a brief version of the text. You can also download the full paper.) For a few years now, the themes of multichannel and omnichannel...
3 min read

Putting The B Back Into BI

I was planning to write about putting the intelligence back into business intelligence. About making data tools smarter than 90’s style drilling and 00’s...
4 min read